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Water based modified acrylic primer specially formulated for galvanised metal surfaces.  Galvabond has excellent adhesion, which allows the topcoat selected to perform as required.  Galvabond also provides corrosion protection, and can also be used on other metal types.  Water and oil based (enamel) topcoats can be applied over Galvabond.

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Premium quality100% acrylic water based pigmented sealer undercoat.  The polymer base has excellent adhesion to many surfaces, including wood, masonry and metal.  The formula has been designed to provide stain resistance to block tannin, smoke and water stains, not allowing the stain to come through to the topcoat.  Acritec contains a flash rust inhibitor and anticorrosive pigment making it a very good primer for steel surfaces.  Acritec can be tinted to a wide range of colours allowing the topcoat, which can be water based or enamel to cover easily.



General purpose oil based undercoat suitable for a variety of surfaces including all wood types and composites, plaster and masonry surfaces and steel.  Traditional turps based undercoat, highly filled with excellent sandability, and ease of application.

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