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Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing products to customer requirement is a significant part of our business at Cameleon.  The nature of what we do varies based on each customer’s requirements.  In some instances we manufacture and label products to customer supplied formulations.

Insulpaint Australia:  Cameleon manufacture and distribute a wide range of products throughout Australia.  The flagship product is Insulpaint A500 a unique thermal insulating coating which contains a proprietary ingredient exclusive to insulpaint.  Other products include; anti graffiti coatings and cleaners, water proofing coating, roof coatings.  For further information –



Guardian  :  Cameleon manufacture and distribute a range of anti graffiti and protective coating, throughout Australia.  For more information

 New Formula non sacrificial, two pack, water based anti graffiti caoting now available.


Pure Coat Pty Ltd : Extensive range of clear sealer, both water based and solvent based for interior and exterior use.  Pure Coat offer application services.

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Unigraff :  Specialty architectural application company specialising in trowel applied acrylic render.  Unigraff have been associated with Cameleon since 1991.  Cameleon blend a range of specialty acrylic base coats which Unigraff combine with aggregates, colourants and additives to produce a range of finshes for commercial and residential applications.  For more information contact Tony 0411 746 883



 Westernex Supply: Cameleon manufacture a range of ground marking coating which are sold to the mining industry by Westernex Supply. These products include; Safe T Mark, Hydromark and Survey Marker. These products are all waterbased, are available in a range of sizes and colours including fluoro colours. Westernex also supply standard cameleon products to their mining customers. For more information visit


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