Texture & Elastomeric Coating Products




This range of coating products has been manufactured since 1989. The majority of the range is based on Styrene Acrylic Technology, which has been used world wide for more than 60 years to produce texture and elastomeric coatings. While the Polymer Technology is the same world wide, products are specifically formulated to suit local conditions. Cameleon Paints Products have been developed in Western Australia to suit our specific building industry guidelines, materials and practices. Our particular, extreme climatic conditions have also influenced the formulations and individual products that make up this range.

The polymer system is the most important factor determining the physical and chemical properties, as well as the protective capabilities, of the coating. The polymer holds the coating cohesively (internally) together and adhesively (externally) to the substrate to which it is applied. There is a variety of styrene acrylic polymers available to suit different applications; formulations are developed by selecting the most appropriate emulsion for the specific product and combining the other required components to produce the desired finished product.

At Cameleon Paints, we have combined our extensive formulating experience with understanding of market requirements to produce the variety of products, of specific characteristics, which form this range. The general benefits which the styrene acrylic polymer contributes to the coating characteristics are; durability, flexibility, outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates, resistance to moisture, UV resistance, chemical resistance, low vapour transmission rate.

Texture coatings are used widely in the construction industry to protect and decorate cement render and other masonry substrates.  Formulating priorities for these coatings are block out, film strength, flexibility, ease of application. Applied by roller, airless spray or trowel, texture coatings protect against alkali attack, are highly durably, with adequate flexibility to resist shrinkage and cracking – in some cases they are even used to bridge cracks in cementious substrates.

Elastomeric coatings have more of a formulating emphasis on flexibility and elongation, moisture resistance, UV resistance, film strength, protection from airborne pollutants and producing gas-tight, seamless membranes. These coatings are used in specialty application areas, waterproofing membranes, and silo sealing coatings.

Cameleon Paints supplies these coatings to end-user applicators operating in many different parts of industry, which rely on the specified product to perform in extreme conditions and solve a range of problems. Our technical and sales staff work closely with our end-users – applicators, builders, designers, architects, specifiers and engineers in a wide variety of industries – to ensure that the correct product from our range is matched to the specific situation. Product information, which for some products includes independent test reports, is available for all these products. All these coatings are water based, making them safe and convenient to use. The texture coatings are available in an extensive range of colours.

Cameleon Paints Texture and Elastomeric Coating product range comprises:

  • Texas
  • Texas Sand
  • Texas Modified
  • Camilaflex
  • Ceramiflex
  • Modacalce
  • Modacalce FHS
  • Camelastic CSE678
  • Camelastic CSE729
  • Acromastic