Camelastic CSE 729

Camelastic CSE 729 – The Ultimate Elastomeric Coating

The Camelastic range incorporates elastomeric coatings that are applied at medium and high builds, on a variety of substrates and are characterized by their excellent elongation and sealing properties. It’s these properties that have enabled CBH to use the Camelastic range to seal their Grain silos since 2002, in many locations throughout Western Australia. The principle requirement of the sealing program used by CBH is to ensure that the silos are gas tight to enable their pest eradication program. The products had to meet strict performance guidelines set out by CBH which required independent testing to verify conformance.

Elastomeric coatings have more of a formulating emphasis on flexibility and elongation, moisture resistance, UV resistance, film strength, protection from airborne pollutants and producing gas-tight, seamless waterproofing membranes. These coatings are used in specialty application areas, waterproofing membranes, and silo sealing coatings.

Camelastic CSE 729 is a premium quality Elastomeric Coating which is designed for Direct Substrate Application to a variety of materials. It contains an extender system in combination with an extremely durable elastomeric polymer system which exhibits excellent elongation properties. This product provides excellent Strength, Durability and Flexibility because of the outstanding adhesion. This product contains film biocides to eliminate fungal and algal growth which will in the long term protect in the harshest of environments. It can be applied directly on Galvanised Iron, Aluminium, Concrete, Cement Render, Colourbond, Roof Sheeting, and Structure on the Internal, Underside of Structures, Grain Storages and Glass House Structures.

Camelastic CSE 729 has been designed for wet on wet applied to WFT about 8000 microns which excellent hold up. Camelastic CSE 729 can be applied as a water proofing elastomeric ‘bandage’ on metal roof sheeting. In particular where movement causes metal roof sheets to separate and leak, Camelastic CSE 729 can be applied with Polyester fabric reinforcing between coats to build a dry film thickness of up to 5mm. This is used to bond adjacent roof sheets together which flex and keep a water proof seal. The photo below shows this system in use at a grain silo at Kwinana, Western Australia. See more detail in featured in our project story

Camelastic CSE 729 being applied to the CBH Grain Terminal in Kwinana


Camelastic CSE 729 is currently being used for many projects as a roof repair coating, as featured in our project story of maintenance works for the Supreme Court Building.