Contract Manufacturing


Contract manufacturing to customer requirements is a significant part of our business at Cameleon. We work closely with all customers to ensure that we manufacture products in accordance with their intellectual property and other quality specifications. We package and label all products according to customer guidelines and can provide a range of solutions in relation to raw materials, packaging, labelling and logistics.

Working closely with our customers, we have in many instances advised them of additional product range opportunities and developed product extensions that have proved highly successful to their business operations.

Arbor Centre – Fortress 5:

Cameleon has collaborated with The Arbor Centre for many years to develop products used by the Arbor Centre to provide integrated tree root barrier protection to infrastructure in urban environments.
The correct application of liquid root barrier coatings is paramount to the long-term success of the coating system. The Arbor Centre have the knowhow and expertise to apply the root barrier coatings for projects of any size.
The fortress 5 range of products as made and supplied exclusively for the Arbor Centre. Cameleon works closely with the team at the Arbor Centre to manufacture project specific coatings designed to match the project specifics and time of the year the coatings will be applied.
Contact: The Arbor Centre – or Phone – 9359 9300

Art and Craft Industry Products

Cameleon has worked with a number of suppliers to the Art and Craft industry to produce specialised, water based coating for specific application. The Art and Craft industry is widespread and diverse in products range. Suppliers source products for a number of applications, looking for points of difference and coatings which can produce a number of desired effects. Cameleon has worked closely with suppliers to produce a number of specialised coatings to meet particular industry demands. The coatings are supplied in a number of custom colours, in bulk and are then packaged and labelled by the Art and Craft Supplier for their distribution network.

Cobalt Extreme

Cobalt Extreme is Australia’s leading and only all-inclusive OCTG tubular inspection and inventory management service provider to the Oil and Gas Industry. Cameleon have worked with Cobalt Extreme to produce a range of exclusive water based protective coatings designed for the specific purposes of their process. The water based coatings have replaced solvent based products and offer an environmentally friendlier and safer to use alternative with improved features and benefits.

For an extensive review of the products and services offed by Cobalt Extreme visit:

Insulpaint Australia

Insulpaint are an Australian company that provides insulation and barrier coatings for all types of buildings both domestically and internationally.  Cameleon Coatings manufacture a wide range of products for Insulpaint, notably their flagship product, Insulpaint A500, a unique water based, thermal insulating coating which contains a proprietary ingredient exclusive to Insulpaint Australia.  Other products include anti-graffiti coatings and cleaners, water proofing coatings, and roof coatings.  For further information –

Guardian Protective Coatings

Guardian are an Australian company that specialise in anti-graffiti coatings. Cameleon Coatings have been contract manufacturing products for Guardian since 1994. The range has evolved over the years culminating in the current main product range of non-sacrificial water based 2 pack polyurethanes which are sold Australia wide. Cameleon manufactures a range of base coats, sacrificial anti-graffiti products and several graffiti removers.

We are currently working with Guardian to develop a range of photo luminescent coatings for a variety of end use applications. For more information about the products and services offered by Guardian Protective Coatings, visit their website –

Pure Coat

Pure Coat Pty Ltd provide a range of products and services, primarily being clear and pigmented floor sealers. There are both water based and solvent based coatings packed in a range of sizes. The sealers are suitable for a variety of substrates in both interior and exterior situations. Cameleon contract manufactures Pure Coat formulated products and assists with product development of new technology sealers and coatings. Pure Coat products are available throughout Australia – more information about their range and services offered can be seen at


Unigraff are a specialty architectural application company providing the building industry with a trowel-applied acrylic render.  Unigraff have been associated with Cameleon since 1991.  Cameleon blend a range of specialty acrylic base coats which Unigraff combine with aggregates, colourants and additives to produce a range of finishes for commercial and residential applications. Manufacturing bases in batch quantities enables all colour types to be achieved and provides continuity of colour throughout the surface, irrespective of the area coated.

Unigraff has specialised in the supply and application of high build coatings, applied at 2mm film build, that are exclusively used in commercial and industrial applications. For more information contact Tony on 0411 746 883 or Fabio on 0412 420 409

Specialty Timber and Floor Coatings

Cameleon contract blends, packages and labels a number of specialty solvent based coating for supplier to the home improvement and hardware industries. The coatings are used for timber enhancement and protection and also for general flooring applications. There a number of clear coatings, varying in sheen level. The floor coatings are produced in a number of popular colours and the finish is low when and produces a non-skid effect. Cameleon works closely with this customer to customise the production process to suit the particular product type and applications.

Westernex Supply

Westernex provide a range of ground marking coating which are sold to the mining industr. Cameleon manufactures a range of products for Westernex including Safe T Mark, Hydromark and Survey Marker. These products are all water-based, and are available in many sizes and colours, including fluorescent colours. These ground marking coatings, supplied in bulk, are eco-friendly, non-hazardous and are an economical alternative to spray can ground marking products.

The full range of Cameleon Coating products are available through Westernex Supply to their mining customers. For more information visit