Texture & Elastomeric Coatings

This range of coating products has been manufactured since 1989. The majority of the range is based on Styrene Acrylic Technology, which has been used world wide for more than 60 years to produce texture and elastomeric coatings. The general benefits which the styrene acrylic polymer contributes to the coating characteristics are; durability, flexibility, outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates, resistance to moisture, UV resistance, chemical resistance, low vapour transmission rate.

Texture coatings are used widely in the construction industry to protect and decorate cement render and other masonry substrates. Formulating priorities for these coatings are block out, film strength, flexibility, ease of application. Applied by roller, airless spray or trowel, texture coatings protect against alkali attack, are highly durably, with adequate flexibility to resist shrinkage and cracking – in some cases they are even used to bridge cracks in cementious substrates. Elastomeric coatings have more of a formulating emphasis on flexibility and elongation, moisture resistance, UV resistance, film strength, protection from airborne pollutants and producing gas-tight, seamless membranes. These coatings are used in specialty application areas, waterproofing membranes, and silo sealing coatings.

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Is a Water Based Bitumastic Water Proofing Membrane Coating. Forms a Highly Flexible and Durable Water Resistant Barrier, this product will Adhere to surfaces such as Out Side of Tanks, Retainer Walls, Lining Inverted Roofs, Lining Box Gutters and Balconies. It is designed to be applied to High Builds, and provides excellent Protection on Concealed Surfaces, as well as being suitable for Exterior Exposure because of its Acrylic Modification.

Colour: Satin Black.

Camelastic CSE 729

It is a Premium Quality Elastomeric Coating which is designed for Direct Substrate Application to a variety of materials. It contains an extender system in combination with an extremely durable elastomeric polymer system which Exhibits Excellent Elongation Properties. This product provides excellent Strength, Durability and Flexibility because of the outstanding adhesion. This product contains film biocides to eliminate fungal and algal growth which will in the long term protect in the harshest of environments. It can be applied directly on Galvanised Iron, Aluminium, Concrete, Cement Render, Colourbond, Roof Sheeting, and Structure on the Internal, Underside of Structures, and Grain Storages as well as Timber. Camelastic CSE 729 has been designed for wet on wet applied to WFT about 8000 microns which excellent hold up.

Colour: White and Grey.

Camelastic Top Coat White

It is a Premium Quality Elastomeric Coating which is specifically designed for Direct to Substrate Application. It can be applied to Exterior Surfaces to provide Protective Film that can deal with Expansion and Contraction. This product can be applied on Galvanised Iron, Aluminium, Concrete, Cement Render, Colourbond and Timber.

Colour: White.

Camilaflex Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane

This is a Premium Quality Water Based Acrylic Membrane Coating. It is designed to produce a High Build Coating which is Extremely Flexible, Very Strong and which produces an Abrasive Resistant, Durable Finish for both Interior and Exterior Application. Fine Cracks of up to 1.5mm can be bridged and filled. The Smooth Glossy, Moisture Resistant Surface will allow water to run-off and Protect the Substrate by Limiting Penetration. It can be applied to Masonry, Plaster, Concrete, Brick, Cement, Asbestos and Galvanised Iron. It is also suitable for food processing areas, particularly where a humid environment exists.

Colour: White standard, Gloss Finish. Large colour range possible.

Colour: White.


It is a Premium Quality Elastomeric Textured Coating with Thermal Insulation Properties. It contains Hollow Ceramic Microspheres in Combination with our Unique Elastomeric Polymer System. It will Significantly Reduce the Temperature of an Internal Surface when Applied to the Exterior. It has outstanding Adhesion to a Wide Variety of Substrates and the Cured Film provides excellent Strength, Durability and Flexibility to the Coating System. It contains Zinc Phosphate for Steel Corrosion Protection and Film Biocides to Eliminate Fungal and Algal Growth. It will provide Long Term Protection in the Harshest Environments. It is designed to be applied to Exterior Surfaces to Reduce the Internal Temperatures within Pipe-Lines, Storage Tanks, Roofs, Cool-Rooms, Site Offices and Other Portable Structures. It can be used on Masonry and Brick, Cement Render, Fibre Sheeting, Corrugated Iron, Other Metals and Timber.

Colour: White and Light Pastels.


Premium Quality Water Borne Acrylic which provides an Ultra Flat, Finely Textured Finish. It has been specifically formulated to provide the Appearance of a Mediterranean Wash, with the Durability to withstand the Harsh Australia Environments. With UV Protection Resin Technology Combined with Built in Water Repellence, it provides a Long Lasting Durable Coating with Low Dirt Pick Up and Resistance to Mould and Fungal Growth. It is available in a wide range of colours, from whites and pastels to deep rich hues. It is the perfect choice where an ultra-flat finish is desired, and is ideal for masking less than perfect or uneven surfaces, both Interior and Exterior. It can be applied with suitable preparation to previously painted or textured coatings, where its own fine texture and filling properties will provide additional enhancement. It can be applied on Masonry and Concrete, Cement Render, Galvanised Iron, Fibre Sheeting, Plaster and Gyprock.

Colour: White and Full Cameleon Colour Range, Ultra-Flat, Fine Texture Finish.

Texas Modified

It is a Premium Quality Acrylic Textured Coating, modified from Standard Texas, for use in Special Applications. The main feature is its ability to Bridge Fine Cracks whilst producing a Smooth, Fine Textured Finish which is Strong, Flexible, Durable and Washable. It is formulated for Interior use where cracks have appeared on Plaster Walls, and it will Dry to a Low Sheen Finish and is available in a Large Range of Colours. It may also be used in Exterior Applications where a more Subtle Textured Finish is desired than the Traditional Standard Texture Coatings. It is ideal and suitable for Masonry and Cement Render, Concrete and Plaster, Cement Fibre Sheeting, Brick and Plaster, Gyprock and Brick.

Colour: White, Cameleon Standard colour. Low Sheen Finish.


It is a Premium Quality Acrylic Textured Membrane Coating exhibiting excellent Moisture and UV Resistance. It has been specially formulated for both Interior and Exterior Applications, and will provide a Tough, Flexible, Abrasion Resistant Coating with Excellent Durability. Due to its unique Consistency and Low Sheen, Texas allows a Uniform Textured Finish that will Bridge Hairline Cracks, and allow Imperfect and Uneven Surfaces to be hidden. It can be applied to substrates such as Masonry and Cement Render, Concrete and Plaster, Cement Fibre Sheeting, Brick and Plaster, Galvanised Iron and Gyprock.

Colour: White, Cameleon Standard colours. Low Sheen Finish.