Single Pack Specialty

Camsil HR450

A single pack high temperature coatings based on silicone resins, designed to provide protection up to 450° C on steel substrates. Modified with a very fast drying acrylic resin, Camsil HR450 offers very quick touch dry, and dry to handle properties, enabling a quick turn around for assembly line products.

Optimum hardness is achieved once the coating has been through a heating cycle of at least 200° for 60 minutes.

Colours: Silver, Black and White.

ER251 Graffiti Remover

It is a Mild Solvent Based, Water Miscible Cleaner which is designed for the Safe and Easy Removal of Graffiti. It is ideally suited for Removing Graffiti and Permanent Ink from Un-Coated and Un-Protected Surfaces. It has been formulated using more Environmentally Friendly Ingredients than Most Standard Graffiti Cleaners. It is Easily Cleaned up with Water. It can be used to Safely Remove Unwanted Graffiti from Brick, Cement Render, Concrete and Some* Previously Painted Surfaces.

Masonry Stainshield SB

Combines the excellent Durability of a Premium Acrylic Polymer with the Water Repellence of Silicone, to provide a UV stable treatment for both Interior and Exterior use. It will Protect a variety of Inorganic Substrates such as Mineral Building Materials from Moisture Absorption, Dirt Retention, and Common Household Stains. It will also provide some Binding Properties to Friable Substrates, and Dries to a Matt or Low Sheen Finish, depending on the Substrate Porosity and the Film build applied. It will provide excellent Protection from most Household and Food Stains, and is Highly Recommended for Protecting Concrete Driveways from Grease and Oil Staining. It is used for the Water and Stain Repellent Treatment of Limestone and Other Masonry Use in Construction industry. It is ideal for Exterior and Interior Walls, Floors and Patios, Architectural Features such as Window Sills, Fire Surrounds and Table Tops as well as Protection of Concrete Driveways from Oil and Grease Stains. Use where maximum stain and water repellence is requires, it will exhibit benefits such as Excellent Water Beading Effect, Significant Reduction in Water Absorption, High Penetration into the Substrate, and Excellent Resistance to UV and Weathering.

Colour: Clear, Low Sheen /Matt Finish.

Paint Stripper

It is a Highly Concentrated Paint Remover Based on Dichloromethane. The Product has been specifically formulated to easily remove many different types of coatings from a variety of substrates. Produced in Gel-Form it is easily applied to Vertical Surfaces and can be used to Remove Paint, including Graffiti, from unpainted surfaces. It is easily removed with water. It can be used to remove unwanted coatings such as Enamels, Urethanes and Acrylics. It can remove these unwanted coatings from substrates such as Metal, Timber, Masonry Surfaces, brick and plaster

Wax and Grease Remover:

Cleaning Solvent for Removing Surface Contamination prior to painting.