Water Based Primers


Is Water Based, 100% Acrylic Undercoat designed for Interior and Exterior use on various surfaces such as Masonry and Brick, Cement Render and Gyprock, Porous Plaster Surfaces. Water resistant and forms extremely strong, flexible film. It covers repair patches from the Good Adhesion.

Colour: White (can be tinted if required)

Camseal AP102 Sealer

Camseal AP102 Sealer is a 100% acrylic coating specifically designed for sealing new and aged bitumen or concrete floors. Camseal AP102 Sealer will reduce dusting and provide a physical barrier to prevent direct contact with foodstuffs such as grain. Camseal AP102 Sealer is an economical alternative to solvent based sealers, where reduction of dust is primary purpose

Camseal APV117

Camseal APV 117 is 100% acrylic coating specifically designed for porous substrates, including asbestos lagging. Camseal APV 117 will reduce dusting and provide a physical barrier which prevents fibrous material becoming airborne.

Galvaprime WB137

It is a Unique, High Quality, Water-Borne, and Anti-Corrosive Acrylic Primer. It forms a Strong, Flexible Coating that Exhibits outstanding Adhesion, in particular to Galvanised Metals. It provides an excellent Surface for Subsequent Coatings to Adhere to. It also contains Anti-Corrosive Pigmentation to Further Enhance Protection of Galvanised Substrates. It can be used both Interior and Exterior on Galvanised Steel Hand Railing, Pool, Fencing, Galvanised Trailers, Galvanised Garden Implement Sheds, and Other Zinc Coated Surfaces.

Colour: White, Semi-Gloss Finish.