Water Based Specialty

All Black

Is an Economical Water Borne Acrylic Black Coating which is designed for the coating of Vehicle Chassis, Implements and Machinery and as a general purposeTyre Black. This product is the safer alternative to traditional economical black shop finishes. All Black provides Protection against UV, Moisture and High Humidity. This product is Non-Flammable and Non-Toxic.

Colour: Black.

Camelastic CSE729

It is a Premium Quality Elastomeric Coating which is designed for Direct Substrate Application to a variety of materials. It contains an extender system in combination with an extremely durable elastomeric polymer system which Exhibits Excellent Elongation Properties. This product provides excellent Strength, Durability and Flexibility because of the outstanding adhesion. This product contains film biocides to eliminate fungal and algal growth which will in the long term protect in the harshest of environments. It can be applied directly on Galvanised Iron, Aluminium, Concrete, Cement Render, Colourbond, Roof Sheeting, and Structure on the Internal, Underside of Structures, and Grain Storages as well as Timber. Camelastic CSE 729 has been designed for wet on wet applied to WFT about 8000 microns which excellent hold up.

Colour: White and Grey.


It is a Premium Quality Elastomeric Textured Coating with Thermal Insulation Properties. It contains Hollow Ceramic Microspheres in Combination with our Unique Elastomeric Polymer System. It will Significantly Reduce the Temperature of an Internal Surface when Applied to the Exterior. It has outstanding Adhesion to a Wide Variety of Substrates and the Cured Film provides excellent Strength, Durability and Flexibility to the Coating System. It contains Zinc Phosphate for Steel Corrosion Protection and Film Biocides to Eliminate Fungal and Algal Growth. It will provide Long Term Protection in the Harshest Environments. It is designed to be applied to Exterior Surfaces to Reduce the Internal Temperatures within Pipe-Lines, Storage Tanks, Roofs, Cool-Rooms, Site Offices and Other Portable Structures. It can be used on Masonry and Brick, Cement Render, Fibre Sheeting, Corrugated Iron, Other Metals and Timber.

Colour: White and Light Pastels.


Water Based Clear Sealant and primer for 2 pack Graffiti coatings on porous substrates. Is based on a Premium Acrylic Emulsion, and is used to provide a Durable UV Resistant Coating for Exterior and Interior Surfaces. It Protects a Variety of Surfaces from Graffiti, Moisture Absorption, Dirt Retention and Household Staining. It contains an Active Biocide; it is Resistant to Attack by Fungi, Moss, Algae and Lichen. It will Provide Some Binding Properties to Friable Mineral Substrates, and is available in either a Gloss or Matt Finish. The Gloss Level Achieved will vary depending on the Porosity of the Substrate and the Film Build Applied. It is useful for the application of Sealing, Moisture and Stain Protection of Masonry, Fibre Cement Sheeting and Painted Surfaces. It is a Protective Glaze for Terracotta or Cement Roof Tiles, Terracotta Pots and Interior Hard Woods.

Colour: Clear. Available in Matt or Gloss Finish.

Fungiwash Residual Biocide Treatment

Contains a Low (human) Toxicity Biocide based on a combination of Benzalkonium Chloride and Phenyl Pherol. It is completely effective in eliminating the growth of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and algae from all types of surfaces. The active ingredients combine a rapid rate of antimicrobial activity, with a degree of permanence, providing protection prior to, during and after application. It is essential for Asbestos and where Pre-Cleaning of the surface is restricted. It can be used on Internal Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundry Ceilings, Asbestos, Plaster, Terracotta, Timber, Brick, Cement Render, Fibre Sheeting and Masonry.

Clear Fluid Finish.

Grass/Ground Marking Paint

Water Based Latex Ground Marking Paint.


| SDS – GrassGround
| PDS – GrassGround

Masonry Aquashield WB

It is a Water Borne Silane / Silane Solution used to Impregnate Masonry to make it Water Repellent. Limited Water Repellence will Develop within 24 Hours. Maximum Water Repellence will be Achieved within 3-7 Days of Treatment. Masonry that is treated with this product will be protected from Moisture Absorption and the Resulting Damage that can occur as a result of Dirt, Retention, the Growth of Fungi, Algae, Moss and Lichen. The Pores in the Treated Masonry remain open allowing High permeability or breathability. Because it is a treatment, not a film the appearance of the treated masonry remains unchanged without any surface residue. It is Not Suitable for use on Limestone. It is used for the Water Repellent Treatment of Masonry such as Bricks, Concrete, and Cement Render Etc. use in Construction Industry. It exhibits the following benefits Excellent Water Beading Effect, Significant Reduction in Water Absorption, Allows Substrate to breath, Unchanged Surface Appearance, Non-Flammable with Water Clean-Up, and where a Solvent Borne Masonry Aquashield SB is Impractical for reasons of Industrial or Public Health & Safety.

Colour: Clear

Masonry Stainshield WB

Combines the excellent Durability of a Premium Acrylic Emulsion with the Water Repellence of Silicone to provide a UV Stable Treatment for Both Interior and Exterior Use. It will protect a variety of Inorganic Substrates such as Mineral Building Materials from Moisture Absorption, Dirt Retention, and Common Household Stains. It contains an Active Biocide; it will afford Additional Protection against Fungi, Moss, Algae and Lichen. It will also provide some Binding Properties to Friable Substrates, and Dries to a Matt or Low Sheen Finish depending on the Substrate Porosity and the Film Build Applied. It will provide excellent Protection from most Household and Food Stains. It is used for the Water and Stain Repellent Treatment of Limestone and Other Masonry Use in Construction industry. It is ideal for Exterior and Interior Walls, Floors and Patios, Architectural Features such as Window Sills, Fire Surrounds and Table Tops. This product is Not Recommended for Driveways. It will have benefits such as Significant Reduction in Water Absorption, Excellent Surface Beading Effect, Non Flammable with Water Clean-Up and Low Odour.

Colour: Clear.