Cameleon are distributors for Graco Industrial Spray Equipment and Vapour Abrasive Blast Equipment. A brand association that reinforces the commitment of excellence we make to customers.

Graco Inc has become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of fluid-handling equipment and systems. It has pioneered technology and equipment for a wide variety of fluid handling applications. Consider, for instance, that Graco equipment pumps oil and lubricating fluids into millions of cars, applies paint to homes, business and industrial installations, and that it helps give cars made around the world their high-gloss finishes. By successfully exploring a growing number of applications, Graco’s performance in recent years has been remarkable.

Industrial Spray Equipment

Merkur ES Spray Packages

Air-Assist and Airless
The Merkur ES is one of the most efficient sprayers designed to use less material than the competition and to reduce air usage and pulsation.

Merkur ES 30:1 Pump Package

  • Quick flush system requires less than 1 minute to flush
  • 45% less material to fill the system than the leading competitors
  • 2 to 10 years of proven reliability on key system components
  • Delivers a superior, consistent spray finish
  • Low profile spray package makes it easy to transport
  • Easily set and monitor air control, plus an integrated carrying handle for transport
  • Air motor provides consistent finishes with smooth, rapid changeover
  • Suction hose and strainer leaves less material in the supply container
  • Lightweight, flexible 1/8 in fluid hose reduces material and solvent usage

Triton Pump Packages

Fine Finish
Apply a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts with this double diaphragm pump package

Triton is an air-operated diaphragm spray package that applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts. It is a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps.

  • Supplies up to 35% extra air flow to gun for superior atomization
  • Saves material and time during flushing, priming and colour changes
  • Delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness
  • Sprays a wide variety of material viscosities
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • High quality finish, low pulsation output and smooth pump changeover deliver a consistent spray pattern
  • Quick colour changes and fast material refills save time and money
  • Rugged, stainless steel or aluminum construction pump handles a wide variety of fluids

Ultra Max II 795

Electric Airless Sprayer
Ideal for one gun and occasional two gun spraying on residential, commercial and Industrial jobs

With a 2.2 hp brushless DC motor, the Ultra Max II 795 can handle multiple guns and is ideal for the professional residential remodeling and repainting contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings.

The ProContractor Series sprayer has all the features of the Standard Series, plus:

  • QuikReel – Deploy and rewind up to 300 ft of hose in seconds without twists or coils.
  • LED Display – Bright easy-to-read LED display shows pressure readout, job/lifetime/gallon counter and self diagnostics.
  • WatchDog Pump Protection System – Saves the pump from damage when paint or texture material runs out or a hose breaks.
  • ProConnect 2 Pump Removal System – Change out the pump using no tools in seconds resulting in quickly getting back to work.
  • FastFlush Cleaning System – Cleans the unit four times faster using only half the water.
  • On-Board Toolbox – End frustration and save time by never again searching for tips, filters, and tools.
  • Ready to Spray – Save setup time, thanks to the 100 ft of hose and gun that’s already attached and ready to use.

ProContractor series unit includes:

  • Contractor Gun
  • RAC X 517 SwitchTip and Guard
  • 2 each – 1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15 m) BlueMax II Airless Hose

Ecoquip Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment

Surface cleaning and surface preparation. Suitable to remove rust and /or paint from metal which uses a combination of pressurised water vapour and recycled aggregate


  • Steel and concrete surface preparation
  • Graffiti removal
  • Paint & stain removal
  • Wood, concrete, steel cleaning
  • Brick and patio cleaning
  • Iron fence and railing preparation

A new efficient solution in surface preparation: EcoQuip 2

This affordable option in abrasive blasting is not only easy to use, but portable enough to take from one job to another. In addition, Graco’s vapor abrasive blast equipment reduces dust by up to 92% less than traditional dry blasting and uses very little water, making containment and cleanup of debris simple and less messy than power washers. Whether you plan to remove graffiti and paint, or clean and prep a surface, it’s time to consider an alternative to your power washer, chemical cleaners or hand tools and use a machine that gets the job done quickly and effectively.


  • Portable cart with lift handles – weighs only (97.5 kg)
  • Up to 92% less dust than traditional dry blasting
  • Low water usage, less mess -Only uses .6 to 1 LT./min. of water
  • Works with coarse, fine or non-destructive media
  • Fast removal rates compared to other cleaning methods – Blast pressures up 150 psi (10 bar)
  • Blasts for 30 minutes between refills and holds approximately (4) 25 Kilo bags of media

The Cameleon team work closely with customers to arrange demonstration equipment on-site, we will conduct site visits and recommend the best equipment for your needs. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives about Graco equipment, call Rod D’Costa or Vince Pedulla on 9302 2577.