Cameleon began its life in Guthrie Street, Osborne Park in 1989, initially manufacturing decorative paints for their retail and trade outlet, Paint West Centre, selling Cameleon Paints products as well as a reseller of other paint products and accessories.

Within 3 years Cameleon were developing industrial coatings and water-based specialty coatings to expand into other niche markets. The expertise of their R&D and technical team soon allowed them to work with customers to help design and manufacture project specific products. This new direction saw Cameleon working with the Water Corporation on the Ceramiflex project as part of the Kalgoorlie Pipeline refurbishment programme.

The resulting production expansion was soon followed by the move to the current Wangara site, which was a purpose built manufacturing facility. The new site, with it’s larger manufacturing and storage areas coincided with the greater emphasis placed on it’s industrial products division and increase in contract manufacturing operations.

In 2003 there was a rationalization of all products, concentrating more on industrial, protective and specialty coatings and less on Decorative. Soon after they focused solely on building the Cameleon Paints brand name and their strength of customizing products for core industry sectors, which resulted in the sale of their retail and trade arm.

In 2009, the word ‘Coatings’ was introduced into the trading name to reflect the change in focus to encompass both paints and coatings, and initiated a strong drive to grow the business based on their manufacturing capabilities. To support this growth they implemented a five year program to upgrade all production equipment, resulting in new, state of the art manufacturing and packaging equipment and machinery.

Cameleon’s intention is the same today as when they first started out in business. To manufacturer paints and coatings of the highest quality for all conditions, and they are committed to continue this into the future. They resolve to innovate and adapt with changing markets and the requirements of their customers, drawing on the lessons and successes of their history to date.