Safety And The Environment

A Culture of Safety

Cameleon is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors. A safe workplace is of paramount importance, we consider safety to be more than simply a compliance issue; it is about developing and maintaining a culture of safety, a conscious practice that runs through every part of our operation. We comply with all federal and state workplace safety requirements.

Our Commitment to Minimize Environmental Impact

Environmental protection plays a central role when Cameleon researchers develop new products: A high-quality product must be environmentally compatible if it is to be accepted by our customers.

When developing and manufacturing our products, we rely on efficient processes. This pays off for the company and the environment as we use fewer resources and reduce both emissions and waste. Economic efficiency and environmental protection are therefore closely interlinked when we develop innovative processes.
Along with the desired end products, chemical processes usually also generate by-products. Right from the plant planning stage we therefore pay special attention to ensuring that any by-products are avoided or optimally recycled. Wherever we can, we also improve existing processes, and not only our own but those of our customers, too.

Product Safety

We assume responsibility for the safety of our products and want to ensure that they do not endanger people or the environment. This is why we provide customers and end consumers with detailed information for the safe application of the entire Cameleon product range, and work continuously to update and broaden our information database.

Watersafe Range of Industrial Water-Based Coatings

Cameleon Coatings manufactures a high-tech water based range of industrial coatings specifically formulated for use on metals, with each coating in the range designed around features that already exist in solvent based products. Replicating a full range of options currently available in Solvent based coatings.
The first product manufactured was Ceramiflex in 1994, developed especially for the Kalgoorlie pipeline reconditioning project. Ceramiflex was engineered to meet the unique demands of the project – a set of specific conditions and safety issues relating to the open environment and the site application. The pipeline reconditioning program for the pipeline continues today.
Water-based technology spotlights our commitment to ecological responsibility, as well as the health and safety of the manufacturing process, our customers, applicators and the environment at large.
Cameleon have developed primers, intermediates, direct-to-substrates and top coats in the Watersafe range, for use in all standard methods of application, from airless spray to flood coating.

The formulation of the water-based range is designed to overcome problems caused by solvents. Compared to solvent-based products, water-based paints are:

  • safer for applicators
  • safer for the environment
  • less expensive to thin, clean, transport and store
  • designed to make a better finished product