CBH Silo Gairdner Western Australia

Product: Camelastic Top Coat White

Contract Applicator: CBH

Application Date: September-October 2017

Gairdner is located in the southern wheat belt of Western Australia, approximately 65 km inland from Bremer Bay. Repair work included high pressure water wash and partial removal of existing coating on internal walls. Roof sections were sealed with 2K polyurethane foam. Camelastic Top Coat white was applied directly to both to a total dry film thickness of 200-250 micron. Internal roof area was sealed with poly urethane foam (2 pack) and Camleastic Top coat white was applied directly to it when cured.

Below are a number of photos showing the site at various locations and different stages of the application process:

Surface Preparation and Application:
Surface preparation consisted of removal of all loose and flaking, existing paint. High pressure water washing was used with removal of loose existing coating and washing of the surface, prior to application.

Camelastic Top coat white was applied using airless spray units – Graco 695 30:1 airless spray units with 517, 419 and 519 tips to cope with various substrates and angles. The PUI foam roof areas were not washed prior to coating. The PU foam was applied and allowed to cure, prior to top coat application.

Below are photographs taken of the areas showing before and during Camelastic Top coat white coating system application:

Clean, empty silo area ready for PU foam application and application of Camelastic Top Coat White

These two photos show application of Camelastic Top Coat white to Poly urethane foam which has been applied to the internal roof. Wall areas prepared for application of Camelastic CSE 729 followed by Camelastic Top Coat white.