There are many products in the Cameleon range which have been specifically designed for use in flooring situation, over a variety of substrates.  There are some products, in particular two pack coatings that have multiple application, including flooring.  This section includes information on products that can be applied in flooring applications, both interior and exterior.  The type of flooring substrates will also be outlines.  The range includes clear and pigmented coatings.

This section lists the products used for flooring application, there is a brief description of the coating type and a link to more information contained on the Product Data Sheet. Our sales and technical staff are available for help with selecting a coating system which best suits your needs and type of flooring substrate.

Coating Selection Information; To ensure the best coating system is used, listed below are the main criteria our sales and technical staff consider when recommending a coating system;

  • Substrate type; concrete, stone (natural or reconstituted), timber, pavers, other?
  •  Interior or exterior?
  • Previously coated or not?
  • New or old?
  • Is the substrate dry?  Has moisture meter been used to check the surface?
  • The condition of the surface – is it smooth or is filling required?
  • Is there a problem with rising damp?
  •  Is the area to be coated well ventilated?
  • The type of surface preparation possible – high pressure water cleaning, sanding, degreasing to remove oils, built-in dirt or surface contamination, such as efflorescence.
  • Any restriction on when the coating can be applied – is it a continuous work or traffic area.
  •  Any restrictions on how the coating can be applied – spray, brush/roller, trowel?
  • Working time available for surface preparation and application of the coating?
  • Can the preparation and application be carried out during work time or after hours/night time?
  • Foot traffic, vehicle traffic or both?
  • Working situation of the floor – workshop, warehouse, driveway, walkway, production area, office, showroom, food preparation, wet areas?
  • Type of industry, if applicable?
  • Requirements for day to day use – cleaned every day?  If so, are there chemicals used?
  • Exposure to chemicals or fluids – chemicals, solvents, oils (natural or synthetic), mechanical fluids?
  • Main properties required of the top coat; abrasion resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, chemical/solvent resistance?
  • Non Skid required?
  • Gloss level required?
  • Clear coating or pigmented? If pigmented, what is the required colour?