Contract Manufacturing – Guardian Protective Coatings



Cameleon was approached by Guardian Graffiti Coatings in 1994 to contract manufacture their anti-graffiti coatings and graffiti removers. Amongst the first commission were the manufacture of solvent based coatings and removers together with their supply to franchise applicators Australia wide.

From the beginnings Cameleon’s manufacturing and technical expertise were called upon, and were instrumental in working with Guardian’s R&D chemist’s to develop these new technology coatings and removers. The new product developments included water based two-pack, non sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings, and water based sacrificial coatings.

Another more specific development project during this R&D phase extended the range of graffiti removers to cover environmentally friendly products for a variety of substrates, even plastic! Cameleon worked specifically to procure specialty chemicals, establish new chemical compositions, and devise ways of blending these chemicals to produce a stable solution that met the required specification.

Since 2010, Cameleon and Guardian have co-operated in a highly successful R&D process leading to new water based coatings, using a range of new raw materials and technologies developed in Europe. This ongoing collaboration is grounded in a sharing of technical information and the incorporation of Cameleon formulations into the Guardian range of country-wide distributed products.