Matrix Composites and Engineering Limited



Cameleon Coatings have had a long term relationship with Matrix, going back to when they first started manufacturing products at their Malaga site. Although initially supplying standard two pack epoxy coating for application by hand, Cameleon were contacted by Technology Manager Gary Strickland to work on a coating system specially designed to meet the new application set up at their Henderson site and the strict performance requirements of the coating system in the field.

To maximise the use of automated coating equipment at the new Matrix C&E manufacturing plant and speed up the overall production process, Matrix required that the number of products in the system be reduced from two products to a single product, so that the total film build of the coating be applied in one application.

Therefore, the previously used high build primer followed by high build top coat was replaced by one solvent free top coat applied directly to the composite surface.

The laboratory design process for the new coating had to take the application requirements into consideration first, in particular, fast cure times and pot life, coupled with hold up requirements of the dry film thickness at elevated curing temperatures. Provisions were made during the development process to meet the performance characteristics for the cured coating and maximise exterior durability.

The development of such high-performance coatings involves collaborative research, extensive field trials and performance characteristics verified to ensure that all application criteria and product specifications are achieved.

The collaboration continues, working with Matrix staff on specialty projects, meeting the demands of project specific characteristics and conditions.