The Arbor Centre

Infrastructure and Surface Protection

The damage caused to infrastructure by tree roots; is an everyday observation for most tree managers and tree owners. However, advancement in the knowledge and understanding of trees; the elevated appreciation of their importance; the vastly improved ways we can manage and maintain them as an urban asset; has influenced better outcomes in terms of infrastructure and surface protection. Long-term observation of tree root behaviour in Perth’s coastal sands have led to some successful low cost innovations that can be incorporated into Perth’s current development practices, with only minor construction modification.To achieve this, The Arbor Centre approached Cameleon to assist them in the development of a protective coating that could be used as a seamless root barrier and meet specific product criteria.
Extensive field trials conducted in collaboration with The Arbor Centre has led to the development of Camilaflex SORB and its successful specification, with it’s high-build and flexibility, and integration into the marketplace.

Cameleon has continued development work of this coating system, in collaboration with the Arbor Centre. The next Generation product type is called Fortress 5 and contains a number of product variants. This allows for particular types of surfaces and situations that are encountered in the field and also takes into consideration the different times of the year that coatings are applied.

The long-term success of the coating in the field is highly dependant in the correct application of the coating system. The Arbor Centre have the expertise, experience and equipment to ensure this occurs. The Arbor Centre have exclusive use of the Fortress 5 product range.

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